White Fillings

White Fillings are made from composite resin and provide a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings. Unlike Amalgams, composite resins bond chemically to tooth structure.  By doing this they hold portions of a tooth together, somewhat protecting the tooth against fracture.  In some situations, the tooth may be so heavily restored that it may still need further re-inforcement with a crown.

Once all decay is removed from the cavity, the correct shade of composite resin material is selected to match the patient’s natural tooth colour. Amalgams, however, must be locked into undercuts within the tooth.  This can undermine the strength of the surrounding tooth structure.  Over time, amalgams slump or deform into the tooth – a condition known as ‘creep’ – this can have a splitting effect on the surrounding tooth.  Hence, these days, Composite resin is the best material for restoring teeth by direct technique.

Amalgam Fillings (before) can be replaced by Composite Fillings (after).

Before  After