Preventative Dentistry

Regular Recall Visits – On the completion of  all treatment plans, we provide a regular system of recall letters for our patients to ensure your oral health is maintained at the highest level. If required, quite often teeth cleaning, fluoride application and oral hygiene instruction will be provided at your recall visit.

At some of your recall visits, it is recommended that intraoral screening radiographs are taken to assist in the early detection of decay beneath fillings and between teeth. We also have facilities allowing us to take larger jaw x-rays (OPG) – this is particularly useful in determining possible wisdom teeth impaction and for both pre-orthodontic or periodontal assessments. Our digital imaging system universal throughout the practice provides rapid results for our patients as well as ensuring an 80% reduction in x-ray exposure to them compared to normal x-rays. The frequency of x-rays will depend on your sugar intake, the standard of your oral hygiene and how regularly you attend the dentist.

For patients suffering from ‘gum disease’, a periodontal maintenance programme will be provided at your recall visits. In some cases, advanced levels of gum disease may require referral to a gum specialist.