False Teeth & Mouth Guards

False Teeth (Dentures) are readily provided for those who are unable to replace teeth with fixed options. It is essential that those teeth still remaining are in a healthy state prior to the provision of any such appliance.

If your existing false teeth are heavily worn, unstable or painful to wear, it is likely new dentures will be necessary. If the false teeth are not heavily worn yet still unstable, a denture reline may serve as a cheaper alternative. Partial dentures may be either made from acrylic or metal-based materials. Despite being a little more expensive, the metal-based dentures are stronger, less bulky, more precisely-fitting and more hygienic for the gums and teeth.

are available in three grades – light, medium and heavy duty – depending on the contact sport played and the age of the individual. You may choose any combination of your team colours. Your name is also imprinted on the mouthguard just in case it is accidentally misplaced in the dressing room!