Children’s Dentistry

When treating our younger patients, we aim to keep the procedures ‘short and simple’. At their very first visit, familiarisation of your child with our friendly staff and dental equipment is essential before any treatment is commenced.

In the majority of cases, treatment of the ‘baby teeth’ is performed within our clinic when we know the patient is adequately relaxed. Under some circumstances, when patient management becomes more challenging, a referral to a Pediatric dentist may be necessary. Some children/teenagers develop deep grooves or pits on the permanent molar teeth, which may constantly trap food, and as a result, have a high risk of developing decay. In such cases, the placement of protective coatings (more commonly known as fissure sealants) will ensure that the development of decay is minimized. This procedure is non-invasive requiring no drilling or injections.

All young patients at our practice are assessed at their check-up appointments for the possibility of teeth crowding and abnormal bite relationships. If any concern arises over such problems, referral of the patient for orthodontic consultation may be necessary later.